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Celebrity Hair Extension! 

You will look Fabulous with Long, Thick, Gorgeous Hair!  You will Feel more Sexy and Confident with Natural Remi Hair Extension.

Micro Links/Ring hair extensions will last for up to 3 months when properly cared for, but must be replaced after this period.

The health and condition of your own hair is most important consideration. With this is mind, a technique which we particularly recommend is the new Micro Ring System. This method involves no heat, glue or chemicals and instead uses tiny copper rings or tubes, which are silicone lined, to attach each of your new hair extensions to your own hair. These tiny rings come in a range of colors to match your own hair and I use special gel coated rings to protect your hair.

Unlike the traditional glue method, when professionally applied and removed, micro rings and micro tubes cause no damage to your own hair, which means you can continue to grow your hair whilst wearing your extensions. Many clients who have had glue used on their hair have suffered considerable hair loss and breakage, particularly during removal of the glue bonds, as well as considerable matting at the roots. Once they have tried Micro Rings, they never go back to glue.

Comfortable to wear and clean to apply

Unlike glue methods, Micro Rings and Micro Tubes are clean and quick to apply and remove, and when properly applied, are far less bulky and noticeable than glue bonds. Again, unlike glue, you will have the freedom to freely style your hair with products and heated appliances.

More secure than glue and no shedding

Micro Ring and Micro Tube methods are the most secure method of hair extension application, which means you will loose far less hair extensions than with glue, and even better, there is no shedding. Your hair will remain as thick as it was the day your extensions were put in.

It is normal to loose a few hair extensions with frequent styling and we will advise you how to maintain your extensions and get the very best out of them.

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